A total fire ban is in operation throughout the entire duration of the Festival. Every nation’s nature has its threats and dangers depending on its nature and geology. For Greece, there are always two major concerns: Earthquakes & Wildfires. The risk of wildfires in Greece is higher than in most of Europe. Prevention is the best safety measure. With that in mind, naked flames, campfires, BBQs, or gas stoves are NOT allowed. We can’t stress this enough. No naked flames, No campfires, No candles, No flares, No fireworks, and anything that could presumably cause a wildfire! It is also part of our permit conditions imposed by authorities that all of the above are NOT allowed.

There will be zero tolerance. Please cooperate and help us protect and preserve the natural beauty of Greece.

Please note that if your gas bottle is part of a professionally installed Caravan or Camper Van etc. the ban doesn’t apply.


Not leaving glass-made products (e.g. bottles, drinking glasses, etc.) outside in the open, is one of the first things a Greek primary school is teaching as Fire Prevention 101 since under direct sunlight a little piece of glass can start a fire. If you’re not aware of this safety measure it’s fine, as we said every nation has its particularities & precautions.

Furthermore, glass WILL break, so there WILL be injuries, and surely a long-lasting negative effect on the environment, possibly a fire and the local wildlife disturbed. Let’s protect ourselves, the environment, and the animals.


Tents, chairs, tables, or picnic equipment can be brought into the campsite but please help us minimize the impact on nature by not bringing too much camping gear and then leaving it behind. Glass bottles increase the risk of fire and are harmful to the nature if left behind so they are not allowed as stated already. Water and non-alcoholic drinks in plastic bottles with unbroken seals up to 500ml are permitted in the festival area.


As much as we understand how excited people are to fly drones, Free Earth Festival is not the place to do it. Please respect the privacy issues and the inherent danger of flying a multi-rotor machine above large crowds. We just don’t want to see numerous buzzing drones flying around the Free Earth area. Drones of any kind are not permitted at Free Earth. People who are caught flying them will have them confiscated immediately. Please help us and cooperate with our staff to keep the area safe for everybody.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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