Caravans and Parking Areas in our Festival area are free of charge!

You are most welcome! Free Earth Festival is a caravan-friendly festival providing spacious areas by the beach and parking areas for cars situated next to the camping areas. Following are a few rules for a better living.

Car Parks
**Free Earth Crew is there to guide you and help maintain the highest standards of safety. Please respect them and their guidance!
**Please be very careful with the risk of fire.
** Do not pitch your tent in the car park or your car in the camp areas!
** Do not park on roads and forbidden areas or your car will be immediately removed if you do so.
** Please lock your car and watch out for your possessions and those of your neighbors.
** You can move your car during the festival but after you enter the festival area please be cautious, drive very very slowly, and try not to use your vehicle every day if possible.

Caravan Parks
**Beach Caravan Park has a lot of space but please do not occupy more space than you need!
**No sound systems are allowed.
**Shade structures must be small.
**Any caravans parked outside the designated areas will be removed.
**Wastewater MUST be collected in your containers. Please do not put wastewater into the ground or a stream. This will endanger the environment and the general well-being of everyone around you.

The caravan park space is a community. Say hello and have a cup of tea with your lovely neighbors, look out for each other.

NOTE: It is strictly forbidden to light fires at Free Earth Festival! We have a zero-tolerance policy on this.

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