Welcome to our “Supermoon Edition ” for Five Days of Music, Art, and Transformational experiences!

Ticket prices and the size of the event are always accordingly, as we want to preserve the quality of the production high and the ultimate vibes on the dancefloors!

Be aware that Free Earth is not about expanding its numbers, but investing in quality and content, in this sense tickets will be limited again! Based on our organizational ethics, Free Earth Festival is strictly limited to 4000 tickets (already about 2000 is sold from previous rescheduled editions), thus limited for each country too!

A total restructures of our pre-sale system have been established. The new ticket pricing has been calculated to help the festival grow while remaining a very friendly festival ticket.

The presale will start on December 1st, Thursday, at 14.00 (CET)!

We strongly advise you to plan to avoid disappointment and join our Festival!


  • Tier 1140 €

    200 tickets are available at this Tier.

  • Tier 2160 €

    500 tickets are available at this Tier.

  • Tier 3190 €

    1000 tickets are available at this Tier.


  • Tier 1135 €

    200 tickets are available at this Tier.

  • Tier 2160 €

    100 tickets are available at this Tier.

Online Tier 1 will be available worldwide exclusively from BEATBASE
Online Tier 2, and 3 will be available from Beatbase & Access all areas
Discounted Tier 1 will available only to local ambassadors
Discounted Tier 2 will available from local ambassadors and online at Beatbase.

NOTE: As soon as each Tier sells out, we move to the next immediately, be prepared! Also, ambassadors and online shops normally charge on top of ticket price about 5 to 10 Euro per ticket the booking fee.

We advise you to get your tickets, as soon as possible, as demand is very high, and very few tickets will be available at the gates, at a much higher price, if not sold out!

***Discounted Tier Countries: Albania, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Lebanon, Iran, North Macedonia, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Portugal, India, Brazil, Mexico, and all South American countries. (Proof of Nationality & Residence will be asked at the Gates). Discounted Tier is only available at our ambassadors.

You can find the ambassadors’ list here.

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